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 At the time of writing, the big orange glowing thing in the sky has been a bit patchy... no sooner do we think that the s__ is going to come out that it becomes overcast once more or too windy to make it worth sitting out on the grass...  But fingers crossed...
 If the thing that shan't be mentioned manages to come out and STAY OUT, then doubtless everyone will want to make the most of it, not least us.  Simply order at the bar as usual, then take your drinks out with you, if you've ordered food, we'll give you a table number and bring the food out to you as soon as it's ready.
 A polite reminder to people that whilst we're dog friendly throughout the pub - we regret that we DO NOT allow dogs out on the grass.  We'd love to think that every dog owner would be responsible enough to always scoop the poop, but alas there will always be one owner who spoils things for everyone else.  As we get kids running around barefoot in the summer, I'm sure you will appreciate that it makes it very embarrassing for us to have to apologise to their parents when their little angel has just trodden in something less than angelic!!

As ever, our Tuesday Night Quiz - It's Your Round! is still on every Tuesday night from 8.30 pm, so gather up your friends and put your wits to the test.  It's free to enter and is always a bit of a giggle.
  If you still need a little help to get over the "midweek hump,"then why not come and enjoy our Wednesday Night Meal Deal *- 2 Meals and a Bottle of Wine for £25.  There is something for everyone and no washing up.  What's more if you don't finish the bottle of wine - you can always take the rest home.  Reservations aren't always necessary, but do feel free to ring up and book in advance - espeically if you are coming with a large group.

Bar Open 11.00 am until 11.00 pm
 Food Served 11.00 am until 9.00 pm.

Children are welcome, (with well behaved adults),
as long as everyone is eating.