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Don't forget Mother's Day!!

Sunday March 15th!!!! 

  Ok, so at the time of writing, we've had naff all snow to speak of - certainly not worthy of my kids running around screaming "Do you wanna build a snowman...?"  However it does remain bloomin' wet miserable and grey - to which end we will always have the fire burning in the dining room and the wood burner crackling away in the bar to help warm the cockles and dry up even the dampest squib.

   As ever, our Tuesday Night Quiz - It's Your Round! is still on every Tuesday night from 8.30 pm, so gather up your friends and put your wits to the test.  It's free to enter and is always a bit of a giggle.

  If you still need a little help to get over the "midweek hump," then why not come and enjoy our Wednesday Night Meal Deal *- 2 Meals and a Bottle of Wine for £25.  There is something for everyone and no washing up.  What's more if you don't finish the bottle of wine - you can always take the rest home.  Reservations aren't always necessary, but do feel free to ring up and book in advance - espeically if you are coming with a large group.

Bar Open 11.00 am until 11.00 pm

 Food Served 11.00 am until 9.00 pm.

Children are welcome, (with well behaved adults),

as long as everyone is eating.